10 November 2007

I Better Hurry With This Post Before pidomon Jumps On Me For Not Posting Today

Regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of what is generously called "civilization" in the Western world. Especially during the Capitalist Holiday Season. I avoid - with a passion - shopping centers and malls from Halloween until New Year. Well, to be honest, I just plain avoid malls. I haven't set foot in a mall since 2000.

Anyway, today my neighbor asked me to help him install a doggy door in a sliding glass door opening, and, being the helpful, friendly (stop laughing) person I am (seriously, knock it off), I agreed. It seems that he finally realized that the best option in cold weather was not to leave the sliding door open a foot or so, allowing the doggies free access to the outside.

So, around 12:30, off we went to Lowe's (for building material) and PetSmart (for the door flappy thing kit).

The shopping center where said stores is located lies downhill from the roadway, so as one turns in a wonderful vista of acres of parking lot is afforded. And let me tell you, on this chilly November Saturday, the lot was almost full. It gave me shivers (and not the good kind).

Luckily, most of those cars belonged to people who were shopping at Target and/or Best Buy and/or the two or three other big chain stores in that particular Haven of Capitalism Shopping Center. I don't remember what they are; I suppose I've blocked it from my memory.

At any rate, we popped into PetSmart (which I actually enjoy, 'cause they've always got kittehs! And today was no exception - they had two(2!) tortoise shell kittens that look just like Callie [no more kittehs in the Secret Lair, no more kittehs in the Secret Lair]) and Lowe's, got our required booty and boogied on outta there. Back up the mountain and into the woods we went, and I could relax. Then it was time to construct the frame and sheeting as an insert to fit into the doorway in which to mount the doggy door.

Now, I had a simple but effective plan for accomplishing this goal. Neighbor, on the other hand, had... other ideas. And, since it's his slidong glass door, I agreed to (try) to build what he wanted. Since he changed his mind about what he wanted after we went to Lowe's for me to get materials, I didn't have the proper stuff. So, as I worked on part of the project, he went back to Lowe's.

Anyway, to make a long story short, dark overcame us before the job was finished. Oh, and he no longer has a screen for the door. More on this tomorrow, unless it's just too painful to relate.

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