20 November 2007

Automotive Update

So what happens to a car when it's parked for over a month in the woods in Autumn?


My poor be-leaféd car

It would be worse, but the wind has been blowing a bunch over the last few days and some of the leaves that decorated the car were, like, totally blown away, dude.

That's all about to change, however, as yesterday I betook myself (in Neighbor's truck) to the Offices of Insurance and License Plating and received in return (drum roll please)...

My wonderful be-taggéd car!

Yes, Friends, Acquaintances, and Those Who Randomly Ended Up On This Blog & Are Wondering What The Idiot Author Is Going On About, I can now (legally*) drive Teh Car!


I feel like perambulating - just because I can!!!!!!**

* - I did not drive the car whilst it had no license plate on it. There are some things too stupid for even me to do.

** - I won't, though, because a) it would be a waste of gas, b) there ain't hardly no gas in the car and what little money I have with which to put gas in the car must be hoarded carefully for a time when I have a reason to drive, and c) gasoline is expensive as shit these days!

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