03 June 2010

Memory Lane

I remember reading, when I was a wee lad, a book about a steam shovel that dug a hole it couldn't get out of. Now, when I say remember, I really mean I have vague recollections, so I couldn't recall any more of the story (and I know that the memories were from over 4 decades ago). Every once in a while I would recall these snippets, but couldn't ever remember more.

Just now, I had a thought of it and -- finally -- used Teh Google to see if I could find it.

Anyone else remember this book?

Here's the Wikilink for the book.

And the first page of the story:

And a funny re-reading of the story (which shows the illustrations from the book):


Anonymous said...

I read that book! It didn't leave much of an impression on me, though, since I just now remembered it looking at the pics.

Great, now I'm going to be...ooo! I know what my earliest book memory was!

It was a cartoon book about where babies come from. Explains a lot, does it? ;)

Lockwood said...

This was a favorite of mine during the very young days... she ended up being converted to a furnace, and Mike Mulligan her trusty caretaker. Funny, the stuff one remembers nearly 50 years later.

Dr. Monkey said...

Loved that book. LOVED IT.

hugh.c.mcbride said...

Reading the intro to this post, I thought "hmmm ... that sounds vaguely familiar." Then as soon as I saw the cover photo, I immediately remembered the book.

Thanks for bringing back a nice image from (for me, at least) the early 1970s -- quite a cool surprise on a warm Friday afternoon :-)

The Cunning Runt said...

My memories of this wonderful book have diminished over, dare I say it, more than half a century!

Thanks for joggin' the noggin!