09 June 2010

I've Seen The Mountains of NC... They're Real

As all'a y'all know, before I moved to Costa Rica I had lived my entire life in Teh Mountains of North Carolina. Now, what most'a y'all don't know is that as far as the State (as in official, gummint-type things) is concerned, the mountains and, indeed, most of "Western North Carolina" get short shrift. Politics by the rich and for the rich is far from a new concept in NC and, historically, it was landed gentry in the eastern portions of the state that controlled things.

I had thought that was not so much anymore, but I followed a link to a news story earlier today, and couldn't get past the banner at the top of the page:

Here's a map of NC (with some crude annotation):

(Sandhills area is part of the Coastal Plain)

Does anyone notice what part of that map is missing from the banner of "N.C.'s only statewide news channel"???



Anonymous said...

All y'all should go all West Virginia on their asses.

Professor Chaos said...

they're real. And they're spectacular!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

People also think that Virginia stops at Roanoke and that Tennessee starts in Knoxville.

intelliwench said...

Does this mean I don't have to go to work today, seeing as my place of employment is in the mythical county of Watauga? :-)