31 May 2010

Out Like a Lion?

Okay, it's May, not March, but we just had another temblor here. This one a 6.1 magnitude in basically the same spot as a 5.9 mag a couple weeks ago. There was also a 4.9 last week, near the same location, and a 4.8 about 100 miles up the coast, off Nicaragua, within the last week.

Tonight via Observatorio Vulcanol├│gico y Sismol├│gico de Costa Rica (National University Vulcanology and Seismic Observatory):

The one tonight wasn't as strong here in the house as the 5.9 the other day, but the waves propagate differently ... or some such thing. I really need to become more knowledgeable about terrremotos (earthquakes), since I'm now a first-hand observer on (apparently) a regular basis.....

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I blame you for all those earthquakes because the Christian god told me to.