15 January 2010


New year, new term, and all that.

I started a new class this week, a Level II (low-intermediate) class with upwards of a dozen students. These are adult classes and people have lives, so I say "upwards" because I don´t expect to have all 12 of them show up at once... but we´ll see.

Also, I´m not going to be with the beginner´s class I was working with. They are true beginners, and my Spanish is (still) pretty limited, and I was getting a lot of blank looks. So the boss and I talked about it and we decided that it would be in the best interest of the students if the bilingual teacher they have on Mondays and Wednesdays took the Friday class back -- and that maybe I would rejoin them nearer the end of their term, when they have a bit more grounding in English.

And I found out that I´ll probably be getting another Level III (intermediate) class starting sometime in the next two weeks, so that's 4 hours a week to replace the 2 I'm losing.

In other news, the friend of mine in Virginia who loaded his backpacks and started heading this way on his motorcycle has taken a detour. He worked Search & Rescue with his dogs in New Mexico for several years, so he´s flown back (he got to Texas) to pick up his top dog and the two of them have headed to Haiti to assist there as they can. I´m sure he´ll make a positive difference.

Still no word on the DSL, so it´s still Stone Age Browsing at home....

¡Later, phriends!


Saoirse in Spokane said...

Haiti can sure use your friend and his dog right now. Seeing and reading about the devastation is unbelievable. Good luck with all he new classes.

kkryno said...

Good luck to your friend! Those people are shell-shocked. We all are so lucky. I won't complain about being cold ever again (at least not until next time!)