16 January 2010

Brace Yerselves....

'Cause it's gonna get "cold" here. This past week we caught the southern edge of the deep freeze that hit the US. And by southern edge of the freeze, I mean that nighttime temps here on the slopes of the Central Valley got all the way down to the low 50s (stop laughing, Ralph and Vikki), and I saw people wearing heavy coats, gloves and wool caps.

I actually put on socks (with my sandals) and a sweatshirt one evening, because the wind was blowing and -- for once -- it wasn't hot. :)

And one of my students told me today that a meteorologist friend told her that another cold snap is coming.

Where're my mukluks????


The Cunning Runt said...

When the ground is impenetrably frozen, it's cold. Anything short of that is pleasantly cool, especially if it only comes rarely! :)

Jennifer said...

To be fair, the Costa Ricans wear heavy coats, gloves and wool caps quite a lot. And they bundle their children up like nobody's business. I've seen mothers in tank tops carrying babies in scarves. Which, I'm thinking, is why they grow up and can't tolerate it when it does get cooler.

You can use my mukluks if you need 'em.