24 October 2009

Wherein I See If Google Time Is Synched With My Computer Time

For the last while, we've had Julia's turtle, Tuga, in the kitchen downstairs, because there's a window that we could put her tank next to so she could enjoy the light (and the heat, being cold-blooded and all).

Well, Raxi finally "discovered" the turtle. Tuga is now upstairs, and Raxi has claimed the former turtle perch as her own:

Now, the question is, did I get the photo cropped, corrected and uploaded before midnight? Cause I've posted at least once a day for what will be two years in just another week or so (or maybe already, I haven't double-checked), and it would be kinda cool to keep the streak alive. :)


splord said...

Heh. I forgot that Blogger timestamps a post at the time that the writing begins, not when the "Post" button is clicked. So my post title is pretty meaningless (but, according to the li'l clock in the lower right corner of the screen, I posted this just before midnight. So there.)

Jennifer said...

Well, NaBloPoMo was November of that year, and then that segued into Blog365, so the official start date of All The Madness would be Nov. 1. Of course you might well have had a post-a-day streak of some length going on before then.