02 October 2009

It's Graphic Representation Time, Kids!

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Okay, and some text, too:

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act includes a new Health Insurance Exchange which allows individuals without coverage to comparison shop – encouraging plans to compete on price and quality. One of the many choices of health insurance within the Exchange will be a public health insurance option. It will provide important competition to private insurers – including in the many areas of our country dominated by just one or two private insurers today.

The public option will operate on a level playing field. It will be subject to the same market reforms and consumer protections as other private plans in the Exchange and it will be self-sustaining – financed only by its premiums.

Participating in the public plan will be up to the individual – no one can be forced into the public option. If an employer is providing their employees’ health insurance through the Exchange, it is the employee – not the employer – choosing the plan. The only way people would be in the public plan is as a result of their own individual choice.
(graphics and quote from the website of Speaker Nancy Pelosi)


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Republicans now claim that 90% of Americans must support a public option before they'll back it. (Not really but it sounds like something they'd say.)

KarenB said...

Logic and the facts have no place in any right winger discussion! They don't let them get in the way of their crusades.

Unknown said...

The Rethugs have a tried and true method of debunking facts:

They lie their collective asses off hoping eventually what they say will be considered true.

And it works for them quite a bit. So why expect anything different from them?


KarenB said...

Don't forget, they also repeat the lies so often that it becomes "common knowledge".