21 October 2009

Even More Beachy Stuff

I promise it will end -- and likely soon -- but I wanted to post a couple pictures and I do have one more video that I think I'll upload before we close the book on the beach trip.

On the way to Quepos, we passed through some beautiful countryside:

and caught my first sight of the Pacific Ocean (dark[ish] blue on the right horizon):

When we got to the beach, there were big ass rocks and islands and stuff:

Where "stuff" = a beautiful sunset:


kkryno said...

Awsome pictures! You guys must have had a lovely visit.

I love that last picture best!


GR said...

With KK (see above) dancing in the desert for a few weeks, I'm gonna put together a keg and karaoke shindig for day three of next month. I'm calling it the "Thirst and Howl the Third" party. Since you've gone all tropical and stuff (nice pics), you are absolutely invited. We'll be serving Maryann snaps (always liked her best), and parasol fruit colored beverages. For theme's sake, bring girls wearing coconut tops and some of those "assrocks" you speak of. See you there! (but don't mention this to Vik, thx)