18 November 2008

Goodbye From The Secret Lair

No, I'm not shutting down the blog.

I'm leaving in the morning to go stay with my sister for a couple months or so, and then I may well do some more traveling (note to self: make sure to take passport) before I return to Teh Mountainz.

ETA: I'll be taking my computer with me, and using my sister's much more dependable InterWebs Tubes connection while I'm there.

The Weather Gods, knowing how much I like snow, have decided to mess with me by having it snow nearby -- but not here before I head for the flatlands. The mountains north and west of here got a nice covering of snow, but nary a flake here that I saw. I fully expect the next to months to be full of blizzards, since I won't be here to enjoy it.

Here's a photo I took the other morning, and then forgot that it was in the camera. It was foggy, and I just stuck the camera out and snapped:

Oh, and one other thing. I may be gone for 3 months or more, in the middle of winter, so I can't leave the cat here in an unheated space (there's no way I'm leaving with the heat on -- in fact, I'll be unplugging the power completely, so the neighbors won't have to worry about the SL exploding or some shit while I'm gone). Anyway, I can't take her with me, either, so, in just a few minutes, Downstairs Neighbor's boyfriend is coming to take her to her new home. He's involved with the Animal Compassion Network, so I know Puff will be in a loving, safe place.

But I'm sure gonna miss her.

Goodbye, Puff.

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