14 November 2008

Computer Side Chats?

President-elect Barack Obama will make weekly broadcasts on YouTube when he becomes president.

His campaign said Friday that he will keep making the weekly radio reports that presidents have made on the model of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” — 30 speeches by radio that president made between 1933 and 1944. They’ve become part of American nostalgia and lore, with Norman Rockwell-esque images of families gathered around the antique radio set to hear the speech.
(Atlanta Business Chronicle)

How very cool. I like that he will be bypassing the MSM to get his messages directly to the public. When is the last time anyone actually listened to the "weekly radio address", anyway? All I've ever heard is snippets on the NPR hourly headlines.

Bookmark the YouTube Channel now and beat the (War Against) Christmas rush!!!!

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