12 September 2008

Quote of the Day

It’s been a sobering, humbling seven years riding this Learning Curve, hurtling through an ever narrowing tunnel of darkness on the back of this unrecognizable thing we call America the Beautiful, America the Terrible, One Nation Under God, Inexcusable, Indefensible, Unaccountable, With Liberty and Justice for the Highest Bidder.

And in the end, if we paid any attention at all, we learned that Fundamentalism, be it Islamic, or Christian, or Capitalist, is an evil thing, a poison, an indiscriminate reaper of souls, those of its practitioners who perceive its darkness as The Light, and those who, in opposing it, become the Beast we set out to destroy.

- my Siamese Cousin, TheCunningRunt. Please go read the whole thing.

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