08 September 2008

Anti-Pork Palin

Image from this article.

Apparently the "change" the McCain/Palin Campaign is talking about is to change the meaning of words.

  • "I'm against pork barrel spending" = "I submitted 31 earmark requests totaling $197 million in the current (FY2009) budget cycle."
  • "I have foreign policy experience" = "Alaska is only 300 miles from Russia." and "My plan landed for refueling at Shannon Airport in Ireland."
  • "Country First" = "I used to belong to a secessionist movement."
  • "I am a feminist" = "Abortion, even in cases of incest, rape or the health of the mother, should be illegal."

The only change these Morans (please follow the links there for a lesson in FAIL) are interested is ... wait, there are two changes - 1) Changing money into their pockets (and the pockets of their cronies) and, 2) Changing Democracy into Theocracy.

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