18 April 2008

My Memories Go Farther Back Than I Do

The Jesse Lee Home, in Seward, Alaska.

My dad was the administrator of that orphanage for three years back in the late 1950's, and took that photo from a mountainside nearby. My family lived in Alaska for five years (back before I was born) and dad took thousands of slide photos. When I was little, I used to look at them all the time.

My next older sibling was about the same age in the photos as I was when looking at them, and, being brothers, we looked somewhat alike. For some reason, this convinced me that the li'l boy in the photos was me. Oh, yes, I insisted so. To the great amusement of my family.

Whenever we all get together now, it doesn't take long for one of them to ask me if I remember such-and-such from Alaska.

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