23 March 2010

...You Know Where To Find Me

A year ago today, I typed "If Anybody Needs Me...", clicked PUBLISH POST and got on a plane bound for San José, Costa Rica.

The plane landed a year ago and a couple of minutes.

Guess I'm not a newbie any more!


lisahgolden said...

Have I mentioned how happy I am for you? Because I am.

Misha said...

Now, in a month, comes your old bestie with her baby in tow-- whoulda thunk it??? (does a happy dance)
yo, the captcha for this was "semipyro", ha HA!

Fran said...

Your story always makes me weepy - and filled with, brimming over with, hope.

splord said...

Thanks, Lisa and Fran!

Misha, they hain't no semi about your pyro, girl!

Gabriella Kadar said...

So, basically I figured right way back when someone wasn't feeling too good?



Mauigirl said...

Happy first anniversary in Costa Rica!

Jennifer said...

Hi Gabi, nice to see you again! Also...huh?

kkryno said...

Ahhh; love! =)

Gabriella Kadar said...

ah, it is not inconceivable to consider the possibility that you are in requirement of the extra square footage in the new residence. I figured it can't always be the 'flu'. Are you suggesting this is 'fishful thinking'?

Oh and while I have your attention: I am lodging a formal complaint due to the paucity of postings on your blog. It is entirely irresponsible of you to lead people on, create addictions and then, like a guillotine, cut us all off. Shwooop. For shame and shame again. Nigh on criminal it is. Forsooth I speaketh of withdrawal symptoms for tis difficult to foreswear one's daily fix of Costa Rica. The imposition of neglect upon your readers is almost indescribably unforgivable.

Unless you've got a really good excellent wonderful and totally cool excuse/reason....


Jennifer said...

Oh. Well, sadly (for you) I do not have a really good excellent wonderful excuse/reason for, uh, needing the square footage :)

Definitely no new additions to the family; in fact, we just got rid of one (the turtle). We needed the space so the four of us could live together - neither of the apartments would have been big enough.

As for the blog, I don't think it's on permanent hiatus, but it had become a chore instead of a joy, so I gave myself permission to change my approach to it. I suspect I'll post again, but not daily. You can always friend me on Facebook if you really need to keep up with the minutiae :)

Gabriella Kadar said...

Yes, everyone else is on Facebook. I'm having issues with all the lack of privacy of everything so I've restricted some things. Alas, thusly I shall/will await thy postings if they ever occur again. ( I've never been able to figure out why 'shall' or 'will'.)

Oh, do you think Rush Limbaugh will become your neighbour?


g in increasingly colder Toronto.

The Cunning Runt said...

Holy Cow. A year. A YEAR! Seems like months, which I suppose it is in some number (12,) though I'm certain a lot has happened on your end, and I'd understand if it felt like two years to you!

Congratulations on this anniversary, with a hat-tip to muses and commitment and love.

Hug that woman for me, and tell her I said so! ;)

Steve said...

comu esta?
sorry thats all the spanish I know
congrats on a year and hopefully I'll be doen sometime for a visit