22 November 2009

Okay, This Is One Aspect I Didn't Think About

Christmas -- and holidays in general, for that matter -- really haven't been a big deal for me since I was a kid. Once I stopped getting toys as presents, the whole deal paled.

Here I am now, in Costa Rica, part of a family with Jen and her two girls.

Girls who are 8 and 11.

Guess what?


OuyangDan said...

They are big readers, no? I have some ideas if you want, but you would have to message me on FB, to avoid the eyes! Of course, I am only quasi good w/ girls of this age range... you would have to worry about Jen on your own...but I think you could handle. ;)

Lockwood said...

I agree: Christmas for my own sake is no big deal either way. Given my druthers, I treat it as just another day. However, it can be a lot of fun to experience the vicarious excitement of a youngster on the holiday. Hope it's a great one.

The Cunning Runt said...

I'm really pleased that you have this opportunity to be on the other side of the "giving equation" with two such lovely little lasses - that's always been my favorite part of Christmas!

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...welcome to the world of kiddies and Christmas.

Get them gift certificates or just ask them for a list. I know it's tacky but I did it for years when my son was little.

Steve said...

didnt think about that before ya moved did ya? :)

I'm sure what ever you get the future overlrods they will love (and if they do please put in a good word for me in the coming new world order)