05 August 2007

Nixon -v- Bush/Cheney

This is the latest video from Ava Lowery (Peace Takes Courage). If you're not familiar with her work, go to her site, spend some time, and, if you can, donate.

From the YouTube comment thread (commenter: freeman1888):
Ava shows us a time when the press had the COURAGE to actually report the NEWS, instead of what they have become today.... A bunch of US Magazine wannabes or, partisan hitmen/women with large salaries and no moral fiber.

I love that this is taught to us by a 16 year old!! It gives me so much faith that the future of the USA is not really doomed as long as young folks like Ava (and my kids), are around. Keep up your good work Ava, you are an inspiration to us all.

I couldn't say it better myself.


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