24 August 2007

Let Me Take You Higher

Fairlane, that vituperative, vulgar, venomous - and utterly wonderful(!!!) - blogger in the Bluegrass State, has bestowed upon me an award that I hardly know if I deserve:

I am honestly floored by this. (And secretly thrilled that anyone would consider me to be inspirational! [Insert happy dance here]) That the award comes from Fairlane, who inspires me whenever I read his posts is, in my humble opinion, an even higher honor.

I simply say what I have to say, hopefully in a coherent manner, and hope that my words may make a positive difference in at least some small way. Be it making a person rethink long held preconceptions, finding out exactly how strange they are, or lighting a fire under their butt to actually do something themselves to effect positive change when I jump up on my virtual soapbox (as opposed to, say, posting a Monty Python clip), this is the purpose of my online writing.

Enough about me, however.

All of the blogs I read inspire me in one way or another. The number of blogs I read daily continues to grow, as you can see from my ever expanding blogroll (and I apologize for not commenting more often - but most times I can think of nothing to add other than a "Fuck Yeah!", or a "Yup!" - and so I don't say anything) and it's much more than just something to occupy my time. So I could honestly pass this award along to each and every one of you, as, in a way, you are all responsible for me having this award.

I would like to point out three blogs in particular, though (didn't I say enough about me?).

PoliTits - DCup is the writer I wish I was. She speaks with such a clear voice on so many wide ranging topics - from politics to family life to "marital aids". Each and every visit to her place leaves me in awe, and causes me to strive harder when writing my own posts.

The Dark Wraith Forums - Dark Wraith is a master of many things, including History, the English language, the history of the English language, and legal issues. His posts are such that you have to read slowly, and often repeatedly, to absorb the meat of the issue upon which he is expounding. And the comment threads are always a lot of fun.

Teh Portly Dyke - What can I say about PD? Awesome? Yep. Intelligent? Uh-huh. Rapidly overtaking my SiteMeter count even though she's been blogging for half as long? Hell yeah. But there's a reason for that. Whereas, as has been pointed out, I post lots of tests and videos and other fluff items, almost all of PD's posts are on truly important subjects. If you haven't visited, do so now and you'll see what I'm on about.

As I said, there are many upon whom I could have bestowed this award. But the nature of the internet is such that others will do so. And maybe along the way, introduce me (and you) to someone new and inspiring. For example, two of the four other bloggers that Fairlane chose were, up to that point, unfamiliar to me. That has now been rectified, to my benefit. Thanks again, Fairlane....

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