17 July 2007

Warm up Those Internets Tubes

Here are two screencaps from The Factor, with Bill Orally:


I would think that "someone" was intelligent (and somewhat of a punster). Why? Well, let's look at the definition of the word "primate":

pri·mate noun
1.Ecclesiastical. an archbishop or bishop ranking first among the bishops of a province or country.
any of various omnivorous mammals of the order Primates, comprising the three suborders Anthropoidea (humans, great apes, gibbons, Old World monkeys, and New World monkeys), Prosimii (lemurs, loris, and their allies), and Tarsioidea (tarsiers), esp. distinguished by the use of hands, varied locomotion, and by complex flexible behavior involving a high level of social interaction and cultural adaptability.

Okay, then. This "someone" used a word that was appropriate for both of the above definitions. But BillO took the use of the word as an insult.

Here's the second:

Bill, I couldn't agree with you more!

The Faux Noise Charnel is TV's biggest hate site. I propose that "American customers... take a stand" and assure that FNC "be held accountable" for its' actions and hate mongering.

I tried to find a list of FNC's advertisers, without success (Google and I just don't get along - we think too differently, apparently). But if anyone out there has a list, I would sure appreciate a copy.

I really must thank BillO for making this so easy- to paraphrase Keith Olbermann:

"Bill Orally, the stupidest person in the world!!"

(video can be found at Shakesville, if you haven't seen it)

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