10 July 2007

A Call to Action

So, the Faux Noise Channel is using the recent Live Earth concerts to further amp up their climate change denial screeds. Here's Robert Greenwald's latest:

As the voice over at the end of the video says - do something.

As you may know, I earn the meager (but satisfying) living that I do by working in construction and carpentry. Home Depot is on my way to most of the places I work, so they have been my default building supplier. However, with just a slight change in my route, I can instead pass Lowe's on my way into town.

I have figured out the difference in fossil fuel use (by going to Lowe's instead of Home Depot) and compared it to HD's loss of my tool and supply purchases (the profits of which are funding, in part, FNC, which, in turn, spews out lies concerning climate change - thereby implicitly promoting further greenhouse gas emissions) and have decided that this action will be carbon neutral and possibly carbon "negative".

I have already signed the petition linked above and suggest that you do the same - and make your DIY and/or commercial construction purchases somewhere besides Home Depot.

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