30 July 2007

Blog Note Update

So, this morning I am connected! Apparently, my neighbor's laid back approach (meaning, not doing anything other than plugging in the DSL every once in a while to see if things were back to normal) has worked - at least for the moment.

Anyway, I have a question for you all today. I may, in the near future, be working for a software company as an online tutor for a new service that they expect to be rolling out in a few months. As part of our agreement, this company has suggested providing me with my very own connection to the interwebs tubes!

The problem is - I live in a camper. No (land) phone line, no cable (cable isn't even available to my neighbor). So, my question is, what other options are there? I understand there are a couple of satellite internet providers, but that there are also potential problems and limitations with at least one of them. Are there any other options, besides getting a landline (which would be complicated by the whole camper thing - and, based on the service my neighbor has been recieving (specifically, downgraded performance when it rains[!]) would not be my first choice, anyway)?

The aforementioned company is a family member's and, due to the fact that this new service (which is way cool, btw) has been in development for over a year, company finances are rather tight and I want to find the best combination of economy and service.

I would appreciate any information/suggestions.

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