06 January 2012

New Desk Done

So I'm back from my border run, and have got my new desk all set up.  See previous post for photos of the creation of the new desk.  I was able, before heading to Nicaragua, to get a good finish of polyurethane on the desk, and then to allow it to dry thoroughly for three days, so this morning I got busy (with Jen's help) making the switchover.

Before (actually a few months ago)

The shelf unit is the same, so you can see how much more space I have on the desktop.  Not only is the new one deeper, but it is also wider.

Umm, that's it.


Dick said...

VERRY NICE! (It looks like you almost had to move the door for the desk to fit.)

splord said...

We did actually have to slide Jen's desk a couple inches to the left to make room, so it now extends past the wall by that much (not that anyone ever takes that corner tight, because her desk has been right there the whole time). But things will fit just fine when the landlord finishes the new rental house and we move over there. :)

kkryno said...

I like the brace on the back for a fine foot-rest!

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, elbow room!   :)

Mauigirl said...

Very nicely done!