28 February 2011


Our neighbor/landlord recently got a herd of chickens (yes, I do know it's "flock"... I just prefer herd), and Jamba was quite intrigued....

Then one of the hens started hanging out in the next door carport, in one of the crates, a-cluckin' and a-scratchin' and a-doin' what hens do, namely:

Well, this sent both kittehs into a frenzy... fresh meat that close and yet inaccessible.

Or maybe not.

Jamba, she of the 12.7% EVIL, remembered that climbing the mesh was possible, and might even gain her access to Snack.  And yesterday, up and over The Wire she went.  And ended up into the ceiling crawlspace, which took me, Jen, Julia, a cardboard box, a step ladder and several kitteh treats to get her down.  Sorry, no pictures of that.

And this morning, when Jen was checking to make sure the cats were inside afore starting the car to leave, she discovered Jamba, "strolling around outside the gate, nibbling on grass and completely nonchalant."

Which caused me to Spring Into Action... after morning coffee and InterWebs check and all... to Fix the Problem:

It may not be the prettiest, but it has already proved to be effective.

"Fine.  If you won't let me out, I'll just lay on the log and sun myself."

I'll say this for Jamba... she's pretty smart.  She tried her escape route, was blocked by the angled mesh squares, tried once from another angle, was blocked again, and has since ignored the whole thing.  Now, if Snack gets into the crate again to lay another egg... we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Rube Goldberg solution there, Cuz! :)