31 July 2010

All-Time Obstructionism

I knew the Republicans in Congress were doing all they could to block presidential nominees, but holy crap!!

And so the government limps along, not being able to be effective, and the same Republicans who cause the problem claim -- without admitting they caused it -- that it's proof that government is ineffective.



Lockwood said...

Proportionally, that's even worse than the charts going around the politiblogs showing the number of bills blocked by threat of filibusters, I think. If I come across another one of those, I'll post it. But paraphrasing from a piece I read earlier today, I think my give-a-shitter is on the fritz (at least with respect to politics; still following the funnies!).

Captcha: angenta- the color of heart pains.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

They fulfill their own prophecies.

intelliwench said...

LOL @ Lockwood! My give-a-shitter is on the fritz, too -- I just didn't kname fnow the name for the condition until now.