18 April 2010


I think I might have posted this here before, but the subject came up in discussion elsewhere,... so, here again by popular -- well, not unpopular -- demand, me singing as part of a quartet, during the pre-show entertainment for Horn in the West, August 1996:

The song is "Knock Under", which is a sometime part of the play (it wasn't at that time). Also, apologies for the bad quality, it's a recording of the TV playing the VHS tape.


Unknown said...

It was much too short Bob. ;)

intelliwench said...

Gosh, all the years (11) I've lived in the area and I haven't gone to the Horn in the West show yet.

Since you're no longer part of the cast, what would be the point now? :-)

kkryno said...

How cool!

Do you ever consider doing that type of work again?

Saoirse in Spokane said...

Bob, what a great voice you have!!