03 August 2009

And Another Thing...

Okay, it's not really another thing, but a thing.

At least I don't remember talking about this before.

Anyway, I have a new class that was supposed to start tonight. Another Level III (that's intermediate) Conversational English class. I had a private session with a student this morning (that is new, too), and whilst at the school, asked about the class tonight -- to clarify, because in one place I had written 5 August as the start date, but in an email, the date of 3 August was said.

"Oh, I think that's starting next Monday. Or maybe Wednesday. I'll find out and let you know after your session."

"Okay," I replied, and went off to work with my new student -- who, by the way, speaks very good English (and wants to be even better) and had not, before today, taken any classes. TV and movies. And books. Pretty impressive, IMHO.

So, session ends, I go back to the front desk to verify... "Sorry, he's gone."

"Ummm." Oh, did I mention that the person to whom I had asked the question is the only upper staff person who actually speaks more than a very broken English?

Later in the day, Jen called the school for me and the person who answered the phone (who is one of the front desk workers) looked it up and said, "That class starts next Wednesday."

Good enough.

Oh, by the way, I just logged into my email and had a message (timestamp 7:45 local) from the person to whom I spoke this morning, saying that the class does indeed start next week. On Monday.

And, his answer to my question came through 45 minutes after the class was to have started (if, indeed, it had started today).

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The Cunning Runt said...

I think I saw this once in a Marx Brothers movie...

Good Luck, mi amigo!