16 April 2007

On Nature's Fury, Addictive Personality, and the Internets

As I write this I am awaiting the return of the internets to my life, which means that I do not know when I shall be able to post this essay.

As those of you who have read my profile know, I live in a camper in the woods in the mountains of North Carolina. Since late Saturday night, the wind has been howling through the woods, at times reaching around sixty miles per hour. As you might imagine, winds at this velocity rock the secret lair (aka "1973 Winnebago") with great amplitude.

I watched the local 11:00 news broadcast last night (on what, by the way, is probably the worst local station in the nation) as they bravely muddled through their show whilst being powered by a generator. The lead story concerned the fact that thousands in the area were without electricity (including the poor reporters) due to the sustained high winds.

And yet, out here in the sticks, my neighbor (from whom I get my grid power - via a long drop cord) had yet to experience a power loss. Even now, at almost 5:00pm, we have only had brief flickers of outage.

Unfortunately, we lost our DSL at about 12:30 today. AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!! I am reduced to listening to NPR for news (which isn't that bad, but...)!!

I am somewhat disturbed that I feel so left out of what's happening in the world. Why? I'll tell ya.

First, I am a semi-hermit. I really shouldn't care what's happening in the outside world. (Actually, I am very concerned with what's going on - because, be it minor or major, all things eventually affect me in one way or another - and, if the shit should truly hit the fan, I want to be prepared.)

Second, until my parents gave me the computer upon which I write this and my neighbor graciously allowed me access to his wifi connection, I spent my days listening to the local classical station and catching their hourly NPR update as I went about my daily tasks (which mostly consist of playing games and reading - on the days I'm not working, that is).

But in the last three months I have become 'addicted' to the internets. I wake up in the morning, start a pot of coffee, and turn on the computer. I then spend my leisure day(s) surfing, using the most excellent Shakesville as a 'home base', but ranging far and wide in my quest for information and knowledge.

I have become Brian Williams' 'Vinny' - and I don't even own a bathrobe....

Oh, thank Luna (since it's Monday)! I'm back online!!!!

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