08 January 2010

What´s This Thing?

So, I'm sitting at my computer today, a little after noon, fighting for world dominion in my newest game (Rise of Legends - the "sequel" to Rise of Nations), and I hear someone at the gate.

It´s the install techs from the phone company, come to install (technically?) the phone!!!

After a brief attempt at communication (result, I give him Jen´s cell number to call if they have questions), they go to work and mere minutes later we have a telephone!! Apparently, doing the inside work is more than they are supposed to do, but 5,000 colones and two beers (one for each tech) seemed to be the proper incentive for them to do it.

So, at home right now, over in the corner next to the birdcage, there´s this wired telephonic device thingy. I ain´t had onea them in a decade!!!

So, next step is Jen goes to the ...wherever one goes to interact with the phone people and puts in the request for DSL. I was talking to a co-worker this evening and he said that it should only take a week or so for the DSL to happen and then we'll have internet at home again!!!!


Saoirse in Spokane said...

That will be fantastic!!

The Cunning Runt said...

This is amazing good news!

You should try to get on "The Bribe Is Right," you seem to have the intuition for it!