25 January 2010

!Hola desde Nigaragua!

We´re in historic Grenada, Nicaragua for a couple of days (among other things I needed to renew my visa for Costa Rica before the laws change in March) and went on a charming (if a bit lengthy) walking tour of the old city today. Jen is working on a post with lots of photos, but here´s one spot that I especially liked:
On the edge of what I learned today was once the Native market, back when the Spaniards still ruled the (New) World. Yes. It´s a half-dead building. But I love the way the portico supports stand sentinel in front of the husk of the building.
See y´'all soon!!


kkryno said...

Cool photo!

The Cunning Runt said...

What an interesting turn in your life, in so many ways! The relationship(s), the cultural shift, the climatic change...

...this is the stuff of great novels, or better yet, of real life.

I'm smiling for you, Big Time!