02 January 2010

A New Year

So this morning we left the house with the intention of popping over to the local hardware/lumber store and getting some pine boards and such for to build a couple li´l things for the house (a shelving unit for the bathroom and a "table" for The Bird). But as we were pulling out onto the street I mentioned the possibility of going to the new big Lowe´s-like store, EPA, instead.

Being a (former) worker in The Trades (that´s construction), Lowe´s and places like it are like my Disney World. Well, okay, Disney World is like my Disney World, but you get the idea. Jen finally gave in and off we went.

We ended up buying some light fixtures to replace the cheap-ass bare bulb hanging fixtures, and a couple other things, as well as pricing some of the other things we are going to need. Then we went to the local place for the lumber.

So instead of spending a few minutes buying and then a large amount of time building, we spent a lot of time shopping and only did a couple li´l things.

But now I know that Jen is an excellent electrician*, and we have lumber for the bathroom shelves, a 'pantry' for the kitchen, the birdstand, and more.

(*I already knew that, ´cause she fixed the 220 wiring in her old apartment, and not many people would even have an idea where to start that -- beyond turning the Yellow Pages to the Electrician page and choosing a number)


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Saoirse in Spokane said...

Michael thinks Home Depot is his Mecca. So I can relate. I wish I was more handy in regards to home repair, but, we keep people in the "trades" busy. Our friend, Bill, the contractor spent the day yesterday hanging our new front door. He still has to return and to do the trim. Thank goodness we did not attempt this ourselves.

Good luck on your projects. I hope you post some pictures.