17 January 2010


I have decided (as I said in a comment over at MauiGirl´s place) that I am suffering from reverse-SAD. Instead of being berflibbeted by a lack of sunlight, I am off my game because of too much.

Here in the Tropics (a mere 10┬║ North of the Equator) "day" varies by only about ... well, I can´t find the info right now, but it ain´t much. Sunrise around 5AM (yes) and sunset around 6PM all year long.

So I´m not getting that welcome break (for me, freak that I am) from daylight that winter normally brings. And the sun is also, as one of my students said yesterday, "heavy" -- that´s apparently how Costa Ricans describe the intensity of the Tropical sun. Even when it´s cool, it´s hot.

Anyway, I´ll get used to it as time goes by... and I get to wear shorts all the time!



GR said...

Send a bit our way, Bob. We've yet to get direct sunshine on the house. But I get to wear shorts all the time, too. (Plus about four other layers.)

On the other hand, the ice sculptors are busy downtown, screams from the sled run echo in the valley, "Michelle hearts Harry" is written in the hoar frost on the fence, and the local hockey team won it's first game in a long while.

Wherever you go, there you are. And dark or bright, chilly or 'heavy', it's what you make of it. Come on up, if you get too comfortable. Yukon Flats has the cure at minus 70 deg wind chill this week. Vikki says we can spare a set of mukluks if you want to make a scene on the Costa Rican street. Best of luck weathering your cold snap. K&V

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You poor thing. ;o)

The Cunning Runt said...

We're having a wimpy winter here in The Berks, but I still like it.

Not that I'd kick the sun out of bed right about now...

Saoirse in Spokane said...

I don't think I would like all that sunlight all the time.I enjoy all 4 seasons here in the northwest. Heat is not my friend. But shorts and flip flops would be a nice trade off.

Mauigirl said...

Thanks for the link Bob!

Despite all my thoughts that I'd love to live in a tropical climate all year, I do know what you mean. I just wish the seasons that weren't warm were a lot shorter. Like I'd love a longer spring, a longer autumn (with pretty leaves on the trees through end of November) - one month of snow - real snow, not that sleety gray stuff we get in New Jersey most of the time - then spring again. Unfortunately no climate is like that. If you get the long spring and autumn you don't get the snow.

The idea would be to live in a place where if you wanted snow you could easily go somewhere to enjoy it. California maybe!