10 January 2010

Ah. Well. There It Is, Then.

I´m back, and still can´t remember what it was that I was going to say last night. I guess the tiredness didn´t really have any bearing on things. I´m just forgetful.

So, what´s new.... told you about the phone, and as Jen relayed yesterday, it could be a month or so until we have at-home internet. I´m hoping that my co-worker´s estimate of a week or so (once the paperwork clears) is closer to the truth. Only time will tell.

Had my two Saturday classes yesterday, and they went well. There was some cunfusion about how many and which classes the students had paid for, but they worked that out with the boss-lady.

And one thing that I had asked about at our staff meeting before Christmas was (I think) addressed. The early class has 20 students, and the later only 4. Boss-lady talked to the earlies about some of them moving to the later so that the class sizes will be more balanced. Also, so when the normal attendence rate of about 60% is reached, I won´t be having a class with only 2 students.

I got a message on Facebook just a few minutes ago that one of my friends (in Virginia for the moment) has decided to fill his backpack and saddlebags and mount up on his motorcycle and head down the Pan American highway (which runs about 5 miles west of here) and work his way here. I´m looking forward to that. I haven´t seen him in a long time.

I guess that is all for now.... See y'all later!!

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Saoirse in Spokane said...

All that way on a motorcycle? His rear end is going to hurt. LOL

Have a great week.