03 January 2010

Day of (Not) Rest

This morning I went to the local hardware store (all by myself... it´s easy to say '60 3/4" tornillos') to get some 3/4" screws so I could build the bathroom shelf unit. I spaced when we were there yesterday and when Jen asked me about 1 1/2" screws, I didn´t realize for what purpose they were meant and said yes.

I used the long screws (well, and some wood) to make a stand for the bird cage, so she´d have a place up off the floor (and hopefully a bit out of Raxi's line-of-sight), and then did the bathroom shelves.

Oh, and I assisted the house electrician as she put in another of the ceiling fixtures we got yesterday.

I need to build a workbench soon, preferably before I do any more projects. Working on the floor of the carport is not my idea of fun, for one, and I need a solid spot upon which to mount my new mitre box so I can begin doing some finer work -- especially since the next project is going to be shelf units for the kitchen, and they´ll be on full display for anyone who pops by.

And now we´re going to get some seafood.



Saoirse in Spokane said...

You are so lucky you are so handy and have those skills. Our friend, Bill, the contractor, had a frustrating time installing the new front door. I guess the original door was installed incorrectly and our house isn't exactly square. But its in now and its beautiful. Ready for staining. Hope you post pictures of your new projects.

Seafood dinner sounds alot more delightful than the hot dog and coleslaw dinner we had.

Happy Monday.

The Cunning Runt said...

I love talk of building projects, so much so that when I build shelves, I get wood. And glue, and screws, and sometimes linseed oil.