12 January 2010

The Daily Dose of "Glad I´m Not in the US"

This could become a daily thing, with all the ridiculously bad things happening... we shall see. Today´s thing is:

The first-ever public study of the health effects of genetically modified corn shows that three patented crops developed and owned by agriculture giant Monsanto cause liver, kidney and heart damage in mammals.

The FDA has approved all three varieties for sale and consumption in the U.S. and all three are in our food supply right now.

From Change.org via Bob Cesca, who adds:

We don't know which foods, of course. Oh, and by the way, the data used in the study originated from Monsanto's own research.

Jen and I were discussing sweet corn just yesterday (there´s a patch of corn growing along our "Country Lane"), and although she tells me that Costa Rican corn isn´t anything like what I´m used to, I bet it beats liver, kidney and heart damage by a country mile.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sweet lord I hate Monsanto.

Saoirse in Spokane said...

Those corporations and factory farms are out to kill us. I remember Indiana sweet corn growing up on the farm in the summertime. So good. Why can't they leave nature alone?

The Cunning Runt said...

Back when she was a high-school girl, The Pagan Sphinx did a project on pollution, and photographed a local Monsanto plant from the road.

They came out and confiscated her camera.

I hate those bastards. They care not a whit for our lives, only for their corporate profits.

There's so much more to be said on this subject that I might just have to write some words on the page.