18 December 2009

Wherein I Don't Have To Feel Bad About Not Making It To the Family Christmas Gathering Tomorrow

Because if this comes to pass:

...they won't be able to do any gathering. It's looking like they'll all be getting snow, even my siblings that live in the RDU area! So, Family, enjoy the snow and all that.

I'll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, as usual. :)

(also, everyone knew I wasn't going to be there, so there really wasn't any feeling bad to begin with)

Updating to add:

[webcam shot in Burnsville, NC about 11:15am EST today]


[ditto in Spruce Pine]

(Burnsville is where I was born, and Spruce Pine is just a few miles to the east. The two towns lie about midway between Boone and Asheville, the two places where I spent the last couple decades)

For comparison, this is the current view out the kitchen window here in San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica:


kkryno said...

That's a beautiful sky shot, Bob.

Thanks for the link to your Mom's recipe. I must have missed that this summer. I think that the cheese is just the right amount! (I'm sure I was a mouse in my last life. ;)

The Cunning Runt said...

That photo from your place is gorgeous!

Hey, is snow in December common in NC? I know your mountains are impressive, but expected the weather in the valleys to be generally milder than that.

Anyway, enjoy your shorts, as it's in the single digits F here tonight.

Not that I'm complaining... :)

Oh, and hahahah, the word verification for this comment is "skaboing," which tickles me enough to want to share it!


Steve said...

great you wear shorts and I'll shovel snow. seems fair