09 December 2009

Run For Your Lives!!!

Head for the hills... but not the hills of potatoes.

Petunias and potatoes may actually be carnivorous plants, scientists now suggest.

Them spuds have eyes, and they're a-watchin' ye!


GR said...

There is a plant here, 'Devil's Club', with nasty thorns and huge leaves on brittle stems; impossible to travel through. Now I understand. It not only wants to ruin my day, but actually wishes to hurt me, then eat me.
If you are what you eat, then it makes sense that you are also what you "et" has et; another compelling incentive to quit introducing toxins.

The Cunning Runt said...

I was particularly impressed by the "plant world speed record" set by the bunchberry dogwood - .5 milliseconds to open a flower???

I feel relatively ossified!