15 December 2009

So, What'd I Miss?

The (state run, i.e. socialized) phone company is doing a massive redo of the lines in this neighborhood -- just in time for us to be moving out, but it's a good thing overall -- and somehow it trickled over to the cable lines with the result that we were GASP!!! without internet pretty much all day.

Anything happen out there in the wide world? Retributive lightning strike Joe Lieberman or anything equally wonderful?


Gender Blank said...

Oral Roberts died. That's pretty much it.

Steve said...

well i still have a job. other than that.....:)

The Cunning Runt said...

No such luck on the Lieberman front.

I got laid off, much to my financial detriment, but that ain't news, unless you're one of my creditors, in which case it's a natural disaster of the highest magnitude.