03 December 2009

Jeebus Wept

So, you've probably heard about this -- the Salvation Army in Houston is requiring proof of citizenship before giving children Christmas presents. Epic FAIL on the whole "Christ-like" thing, there, SA.

Well, General JC Christian, Patriot, has a wonderful suggestion included in his typically adroit takedown of the hypocrisy and stupidity:

"It'd be a real shame if wicked people tried to pressure the Salvation Army into treating everyone with dignity by doing something like this:

1. Download the graphic below.
2. Print it.
3. Cut it into check-sized pieces.
4. Deposit "checks" in Salvation Army kettles.

Please don't do it, and for God's sake, don't go to other blogs and mention it in their comments."


Steve said...

getting the copier and printer out now

Robert Rouse said...

Hello, Bob. I just realized - I can be rather slow at times - that you're residing in Costa Rica. While I realize there are a lot of scorpions and tarantulas in your area, I do believe I would be more frightened of some of the wild monkeys. Of course, that's just me.

Jennifer said...

Don't let Steve hear you say that.

Also, while we do have all of those things, in this particular part of the country it's more like house flies and your garden variety cockroaches. And wild parakeets that fly over the house in the mornings. That part's cool.