21 December 2009

Jus' Checkin' In...

Finished reading the 58 emails in my inbox (wow, teach me to be offline for two days!) and thought I'd say Hi! here.

We're getting settled in to the new house, and Jen tells me that there is ppotential movement already on getting connected over there. To the InterWebs Tubes, I mean. She and I are already connected :)

Hope all are well, Happy Solstice, and I'll be back soon!


kkryno said...

Happy Solstice to all of you!

The Cunning Runt said...

Yes, HS to you all from here as well!

What a fluster cluck, to put it mildly. It's amazing me to see the four of you navigating this maze of possibilities and impossibilities with such grace.

Best of luck to you as this unfolds. I have every confidence that you'll come out of this shiny-side up.

'Till then, deep breaths, and push!