31 December 2009

Blue Moon of Costa Rica

(with apologies to Bill Monroe)

New year ends with blue moon. I'm sure a lot of people will take it as some huge cosmic event, but since time is arbitrary (and far from universal ... ask any Chinese or Jewish people you know when the new year is), I simply see it as another chance to stare at the full face of the moon.

See y'all next year!


Saoirse in Spokane said...

the blue moon just allows more crazies to be out there. We are staying in and sitting in front of the fire watching movies. We hardly ever make it to midnight these last few years. I hope you and the family enjoy New Years Eve.

OuyangDan said...

Too true!

In fact, according to the charts and stuff that I've seen, Asia starts out the New Year with a blue moon, since ours will actually take place in January, happening on the 1st and the 30th (maybe the 29th) of this month or something like that. We also had an eclipse last night that wasn't visible from the States (or from inside our house, since I forgot about it). We get to have the real fun in February for the Lunar New Year anyhow.

Happy New Year! I hope you like your new place!

The Cunning Runt said...

Yes indeed, a full moon, a blue moon, and New Year's Eve all coinciding like The Cosmic Harmonica (or something like that.)

Too bad it was cloudy here!