04 August 2009

Yeah, We Get Some Intense Sunsets Here In Costa Rica

Last night's sunset was so intense that if I was using film it would probably have burned a hole in the negative....

All I did was resize the images. No enhancements.

I went upstairs to ask Jen a question, and saw the edges of this. Of course, I had to go back down and grab my camera and go out into the street (there's a two-story house on the west side of our apartments).

After taking the first shot, I changed the "EV" setting on the camera, which is like a shutter speed (I don't know nothin' about this camera except that it was inexpensive and it has a take-picture-now button), to try and get a better shot. Still too intense.

So I went back inside and shot this out the kitchen window (see the aforementioned house?). Finally, a decent shot!!!


The Cunning Runt said...

Great colors, Cuz!

We've been without a nice sunset for some time up this way, so... Thanks!

Steve said...

needed to see some beauty tonight. thanks for obliging!