08 August 2009

Tipping Point?

So I've been mulling over this whole load of crap that Big Insurance and Big Pharma are trying to pass off as "grassroots" opposition to health care reform -- which, by the way, polls are consistently showing around a 65 to 70 percent favorable, so it appears that the Loud Noises campaign isn't working -- and I've wanted to write more about it.

Then I read this post by Chet Scoville.

So, what he said.


Distributorcap said...

they may not be big numbers, but they are noisy, and big media is giving them all the credibility they need

like the birthers

because why let the facts get in the way of big ratings

The Cunning Runt said...

Weak minds, I say, swallow this horse-shit regurgitate it. And I've come to have absolutely no patience for the loud ones. Their willful ignorance is costing all of us money, and finding middle ground with them is a) a fool's errand and b) enough to make me puke.

No equal time for idiots, no compromising with assholes. Let's just get this right ourselves and screw the capitulations.