15 August 2009

The New Nexus of Computationing

As Jen has said, we now have a new blogging ops (h/t to Lisa) downstairs.

First, I had to learn how to use Google SketchUp, which, with a li'l help from Jen, I think I managed alright, and came up with this layout:

Then it was get all the stuff in there and set up. It's still a bit of a pile of stuff right now, but we'll get it all smoothed out and arranged to our liking soon, I'm sure.

Also, sorry about the poor quality of these pics, they were taken after dark and my camera isn't the best.

I had to stop taking pictures then. As you can (sort of) see, Raxi was giving me the laser eye from the chair in the lower photo. I've learned it's best not to push teh kitteh.


konagod said...

I had to hunt for the laser eye but once I found it I got a definite "do not disturb" vibe. :-)

Dusty said...

Damn, its a very cute lil table you made Bob. ;)