27 August 2009

Ooh, Shiny!

Well, it's been two days, not one, but as promised, here are some photos of the continuing progress on the dining table.

First, a couple of shots after staining but before the finish coats (in this case, polyurethane):

(the sun came out from behind clouds between the first and second shot)

Then two photos taken after I had applied a coat of poly to the top and base. The sun was totally out at this point:

I'll put at least one more coat of poly on the top, which will make it really shiny. Just my personal preference here, but I don't understand painting wood. It's so beautiful as it is.


Steve said...

nice work my phriend!

Dusty said...

Omg, its so beautiful. You are quite the carpenter m'dear friend. ;)

Like you I think it's heresy to paint wood.

Lisa said...

Very nice! You are so talented!

Ouyangdan said...

Lovely work.