22 August 2009

Anál Nathrach, Orth’ Bháis ’s Bethad, Do Chél Dénmha

Via Brian (over at Incertus), I find out that Bryan Singer wants to remake Excalibur, and, as Brian points out, this is part of the continuing trend to attempt to strike gold a second time. All Hollywood seems totally enamored with remakes, and they rarely even approach the quality of the originals.

Anyway, whilst reading through the comments on the post Brian links, I saw this:
My dad took me to see [Excalibur] AND 'Conan the Barbarian'--my first two R-rated movies--when I was like nine years old. Now I can't have sex without having a sword in the room.

and laughed my ass off.

On a related(ish) note, myself and three friends spent a couple of days in the library at NC State one weekend long ago, trying to find the translation of the quote I used for a post title. It's the "charm of making" that Merlin uses in the movie. We weren't very successful, as I recall, probably because none of us knew Gaelic (Welsh?) from Maori.

Also that title reads (roughly) "aNAL NATHrak, ooth vas BETHud, do kyel deeeYENvey" in case any of you aren't familiar with the movie in question.


Jennifer said...

A couple of days? Wow. You shoulda just Googled it ("Serpent's breath, charm of death and life, thy omen of making")...'cept I suppose this was probably in the Olden Days.

(BTW, this post is currently fourth when you do Google it.)

Jennifer said...

(Also, anal nathrach sounds dirty.)