04 December 2007

The Magic 8 Ball Told My Monkeys To Call Ted Stevens

The latest poll results are in, and there were certainly some surprises:

Which method do you use to navigate the InterTubes?
My Bookmarks 4 (16%)
My Blogroll 8 (33%)
Horde of monkeys 7 (29%)
Magic 8 Ball 0 (0%)
Sen. Ted Stevens 1 (4%)
Ceiling Cat 4 (16%)

First off, I had no idea that there were so many people out there who had hordes of monkeys at their beck and call. I mean, sure, I suspected Drs. Monkey and Zaius - and, of course pidomon - but not the rest. I'm somewhat jealous, even though there's no room in the Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago) for monkeys... and the kittehs probably wouldn't share nicely anyway.

Speaking of kittehs, I'm glad that Ceiling Cat likes my blog enough to recommend it to those who hear his Voice. (Would that be the Kittehtron?... hmm, a lolcat version of Dogma. Note to self: contact Kevin Smith)

To the one person who heeds the advice of Senator Ted Stevens - are you a Republican or an oil industry insider? Just kidding, I know that no Republicans would read this blog.

The Blogroll/Bookmark percentages were about what I expected. (And thanks to all of you who have me blogrolled. You must regret that decision on a daily basis.)

Finally, the biggest surprise of the whole poll. Not one of you use the Magic 8 Ball to guide your InterWebs travels. I don't know what to say about that, except... "Ask again later.

This is why one should always consult the Magic 8 Ball:

It never lies!

Thanks for participating, and come again!

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