24 December 2007

ICICoMB, Part Phy

Well, I have returned to the Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago) none the worse for my travels. In fact, I am much richer because whilst on the journey for to celebrate Sol Invictus - err, I mean Christmas - with the family, I also got to meet two of my favorite InterWebs friends in person!

Yes, it was The Inaugural Convocation of the International Cadre of Misphit Bloggers!

I picked Jen up at the Krispy Kreme in the beautiful city of REDACTED, NC and we drove to the Piedmont Triad International Airport to meet pido's flight, which was scheduled to arrive at noonish. For the next not-so-little while we watched the flight board as his flight maintained a steady status of "DELAYED", then suddenly it changed to "ON TIME", two and a half hours after it was supposed to land.

An hour later, we watched as the jet taxied up to the concourse, and then as the weary travelers deplaned and met their loved ones (and/or probation officers). Then we watched as the concourse emptied out of all arrivals and waiters-for-arrivees. Did he sneak past us? Did he go immediately to the smoking lounge or the bar to check the football scores? As Mama Shakes would say... WTP?

Eventually, Jen found a working pay phone (neither of us had a functional cell phone) and called pido's cell number. "I'm in the bar at the Charlotte airport!", he announced cheerfully! [Okay, I don't know if he was cheerful about it, as he was talking to Jen, but he was in a bar with football on the TV, so he couldn't have been too sad.] Alas, due to being stacked above Charlotte, he was unable to catch his scheduled connecting flight. "I'll be there soon!" he promised [or something like that].

By this time both Jen and I were feeling somewhat peckish, so we walked to the Food Court. We took one look at the menu (and prices) and decided we weren't so peckish after all. But the nice lady behind the counter did take pity on us (or had previously been visited by Marley's Ghost) and gave us free cups of coffee.

Finally, 7.3 years... okay, 4 1/2 hours... after his original flight was to arrive, pidomon suddenly appeared in front of us! w00t!

Continued here....

While at the restaurant, I remembered that I, too, had a camera, and took these two pics of my Phellow Misphit Bloggers.

Jen, writing the above-linked post

Jen and pido, backlit

(they both look much better than my poor photographic skillz show them)

We then took pido back to the airport, for his return to Extreme East Texas (aka Baltimore). Goodbye photos here....

Then, by the light of a full moon*,...

and after returning Jen to REDACTED, I betook myself back up the mountain and into the loving paws of Teh Kittehs (who have mostly forgiven me for being gone for so long).

I'm already looking forward to the Second Inaugural Convocation of the International Cadre of Misphit Bloggers! Perhaps we can include some more misphits at the next one (PD, Cunning, I'm looking at you two in particular).

*full disclosure... I did use the headlights on the car to help guide my way back to Teh Mountainz, NC.

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