02 March 2009

The White Lion Of March

We all know the old saying about March, "In like a Lion/Lamb, out like a Lamb/Lion" (whichever the case may be any given year). Well, I guess this year the "in" is a lion, cause here in the middle of the flatlands of North Carolina we woke up to this:

and this:

and this:

today. From what I read and hear on the radio, the further north you go, the deeper it gets.

I hope that if you're in a place that's getting snow, you a) like snow, b) either don't have to drive or at least not far, and c) have a big ole mug of hot chocolate like I do right now.

Roar on, March!


Brave Sir Robin said...



Sherry said...

it missed me. i'm thrilled! sick, sick, sick of snow. the high winds and 0 to below wind chills are bad enough.

Steve said...

while i appreciate your hope it did not work for me as none of those things came true.
love driving on a slippery road with an SUV on my tail thinking they are king of the hill

kkryno said...

I totally want to see pictures of that lovely patio when spring is in full swing. That looks lovely!

Do you have any marshmallows?