29 March 2009

The Pressure Is On

Hmmm. It appears that I have been put on notice -- on the hotseat -- the onus is on me -- to post "something of interest". I'm not in a position at the moment to do an essay on amortization, however.

I will say that I enjoyed going to the farmer's market here in San Rafael. Beaucoups fresh fruits and veggies and all kinda stuff. I got some nice looking tomatoes, some new taters and some onions, a hat for to keep the tropical sun off'n my haid, and Jen and I shared a traditional dish from El Salvador, pupusa, which is a flatbread(ish) thing. Corn flour with black beans cooked on a griddle, then a filling with cabbage and (some kind of) meat and a spicy sauce. It was very good and much more of a meal than I thought it would be. I may have to find a recipe.

And now it's time for dinner and then possibly some Harry Potter movie action. B'bye!


FranIAm said...

Papusas... me gusto mucho.

Have fun- this is all so nice to read about, you and Jen and CR. Lovely.

Lisa said...

It sounds like you're adjusting nicely. I mean - I was "really" worried that you wouldn't make any friends there, or like the food, or never get to watch Harry Potter.....

The Cunning Runt said...

Holy Shit - I go into a two-week torpor, and this happens! Friggin' Eh, Dude - if I checked out for a month, would I return to find you on Pluto???

Essentially, I'm damned near jealous!

Eat Stuff for me, k? ...and report back so's I can de/reconstruct it up here in the Frozen North! :)

kkryno said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time! More pictures.

Oh; and if you have too much fresh produce, send some my way. I'm getting tired of winter!

Christina said...

I'm still having trouble reaching acceptance on you eating green food. Bob eating green food.

Nope. Does not compute.